The Team

Welvin I Guna

Welvin I Guna, the Founder and Managing Partner of Wiguna Mega Solusi, is a seasoned expert in business advisory, taxation, and accounting. She holds a solid educational background in Taxation Accounting from Trisakti School of Management and has earned a Master's degree in Accounting from Tarumanagara University. With over 15 years of industry experience, Welvin is dedicated to providing high-quality services to her clients.

Her commitment to excellence is further exemplified by her certification as a Level C Tax Consultant, the highest level of tax certification in Indonesia. Additionally, Welvin is authorized to practice law in tax courts, enabling her to represent clients effectively in tax-related legal proceedings.

As a leader at Wiguna Mega Solusi, Welvin's extensive expertise and knowledge continue to drive innovative solutions in business advisory, taxation, and accounting. She is deeply committed to helping clients achieve financial efficiency, compliance, and success, making her a trusted partner in navigating the complex landscape of business and taxation in Indonesia.

Serlly M. Pratama

Serlly M. Pratama is a highly knowledgeable and adept professional with expertise in accounting, financial systems, and Indonesian taxation practices across various industries. With a strong background in accounting, she has honed her skills in handling diverse sectors, including retail, distribution, shipping, contracting, and more.

Serlly's hands-on experience in the field of finance and taxation, coupled with her unwavering attention to detail and quick problem-solving abilities, makes her an invaluable resource in helping clients navigate complex financial landscapes and achieve their business goals. Her commitment to providing tailored solutions and her keen eye for detail showcase her as a highly capable and efficient professional.